Monday, November 17, 2008

Subway Now Hiring Managers - Crew {Denver Edition}

Subway restaurant in Broomfield near the Flatirons mall is now hiring for ALL positions and shifts. Flexible hours, competitive wages, paid vacation and free meals and uniforms.
Please email a reply or call Brenda or Jenny to schedule an interview.
Brenda 720.363.9948
Jenny 303.257.8609



Five dollar!

Five dollar foot long! Yeah yeah yeah yeah!

Oh my god I love your sandwiches! I eat Subway probably, what, every day? Yeah, pretty much every day. That song you guys play on the ads? The footlong song? I hear that probably like all the time mostly. It just gets stuck in my head and I'm rockin' it probably like all the rest of the day. Like the whole thing. It just gets in there and plays again and again and eventually I'm like, hey, I need some Subway! And then I buy a sandwich and it's probably like the greatest sandwich I've ever had, like, every time. You wouldn't believe it. Or maybe you would, because, like, you probably eat Subway all the time too, since if you work there it's probably free, but if I worked there I would probably pay for it anyway because, hey, you have to make money, right? Everybody does. Which brings me to this: I need a job. I love Subway. If we could see a way to combining these two things into one I love my job at Subway, then that would probably be the best thing probably ever. I could totally invent new sandwiches too. Picture this: Cheese covered bread filled with bacon, mayonnaise, jalapenos, more bacon, honey, lettuce, marrow, over-easy egg. Fucking awesome, right? Right. Probably like just the best sandwich ever made, totes cereal. So you should probably hire me.


Nate Balding

PS: That sandwich is totally copyrighted now so don't, like, steal it or whatever.

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