Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Response Alert!

I guess it seems totally reasonable to want to employ someone who has traveled along the astral plane and was raised by moon worshipping orgy enthusiasts, especially in a one on one fitness/nutrition regime... No, wait, it totally isn't.


Hey Nate,

You sound like a great fit. Are you free this Friday to meet?



Hey Brentasaurus!

Man am I glad you got back to me! I am, however, going to be out of town for the next week or so. It happens that one of my Kyrgyz friends is going through a shamanic pogrom and I need to head over there to help him and his family conjure a protection deity to aid in their escape, which should really only be a matter of days. After that, however, my calendar is wide open (discounting the rituals of the Lunar Fremen, but as these take place twice during the night they shouldn't interfere at all with any meeting).

A point of interest for anyone wishing to pursue the great traditions of the Kyrgyz shamans is their propensity for utilizing the semen of a regionalized yak populace in vegetarian cuisine, thus maximizing protein potential while maintaining a healthy balance of heavy roots and mash veggies. It's really a great way to reach a second grade up the Snackability Index for any salad or fruit cup.

Anyway, I look forward to meeting up on my return.

Thanks again!

Nate Balding