Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Phone Sales Not appointment setting!!!

Phone Sales Not appointment setting!!!
Recession Proof!
Golf related advertising
11.50 per hour Guaranteed, Quick advancement, Bonuses
Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K Provided
On Bus Line, This is not a boiler room this is a full time position with a 26-yr. Old co. that does well in bad times.
Call 503-221-0022 Ask for Seth


Oh, what dismal days doth descend that mine arms cans't grip luxury with impugne. Lest another drear penniless night befall I am urged by Necess'ty onward into life's grand languor to dwell betwixt subjugation and suicide nearby telephones. Take my life, take my place! Grand inquisitors doth comprehend my back taxes, I beseech thee for a scheme of escape at the behest of your golden dialling fingers! Appointments I shall set, meet, delay, whatevs! 'Sale by phone' underwritt'n my nametag, Master of persuasive purchases hastily, verily! upon utterance 'hired.' Mine customers shall beget mine customers future, a line unto the engorged star floating in our ebullient sky! Take this wretch and tear back the veil of futility to shine with your black vision upon my great gift: Results!

Tis' thine own decision, I grant. Tho' loosing me among your hounds and your chickens shall reap reward unlike you've encountered prior! The wolf prowls silent and sweet.


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