Friday, February 13, 2009

Job Title: Bouncer / Security Guard

Job Location: Portland / Gresham / Boring
Computer Skills: N/A

Hours per week: 20

Occupational Skills:Required

Shifts Available: 3rd (Night)

How to apply for this position:
Position is: Part Time

E-mail or fax your resume to: DB_SSINC@VERIZON.NET / 503-512-7677


* High school diploma or GED.

* Minimum 21 years of age.

* Minimum six months security experience.


* DPSST certification.

* Employer will help attain DPSST.


* Work for security services company


"We have very strict personal grooming and dress code
standards for working with the public; No visible piercings or tattoos.
Clothing must be clean and well fitted. Anyone appearing for an interview with less than these qualifications will not be considered.
Security is a very visual job and requires applicants to be extremely professional.
As a company we take extreme pride in our employees and expect them to hold the same standards for themselves.
These minimum standards are non-negotiable so please read them
carefully. Thank You."


Exact days and times to be arranged.


Gresham, OR 97080

Job Classification: Security Guards

Experience Required: At least 6 months


Salary: $9.00 to $11.00 per Hour, DOE, + tips

Job Requirements

Education Required: High School Diploma/GED Minimum Age: 21

Gender: N/A

Employer will perform: Background Check, Drug Test


Yah so I just got out tha' joint doin' a whole year, so that's security experience like you wouldn't fuckn' believe huh? Anywayz, I got the experience and you got the job opening. No tattoos or piercings you can see (just the one that sez T R A I N W R E C K on the side of my dick, hah!) cuz i didn't get fucked in the can like some bitches, you know? I jus' did the time, two days. Day you go in, day you come out, just like the old G's used ta say before they got irrelevant, you know?

Yah so this is a night shift, right? Cause I got enrolled back in school for the days, doin' that Everest College thing or whatever makin' a clean break wit h my old life and whatnot. Don't need no mother fuckers comin by the house at three am scratchin they necks and shit like a bunch of fuckin needy little punk bitches. I hate those dick suckers, man, I jus wanna beat some of em into little fuckin pieces, but instead I'll beat mother fuckers you don't want in yo club or whatever when they get out a hand.

So what's the deal? Gimme a job man. I need this shit, I don't wanna go back to prison.

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i'd hire and work with an ex-con tough like you any day-over what wackenhut, securitas, and allied/barton are hiring nationally!!!!!