Thursday, December 11, 2008

Demonstrate Anti Aging Products and Technologies

DEMONSTRATORS to organize, set up anti-aging events. We are launching 3 anti-aging technologies and products, that start wiping away wrinkles and lines in 10 minutes,and all natural active ingredients. Products are money back guarantee.

FIRST Watch the newscast at then call or send resume for interview or details on the next Anti-aging briefing in the Portland area.


Good eeevening!

My name is Nate Balding. You've not likely heard of me, though in certain circles of the alchemical and pseudo scientific my name is synonymous with anti-aging technologies. You would have to delve deep, DEEP! into a dark world of cutthroats, madmen and black artistry to uncover what I already know, and yet these secrets can be yours for a paltry sum. Say, your soul? I know, I know, what use have ye men of tomorrow for souls? They may as well be given over to someone who, though not quite a man any longer, still has use for such outmoded currencies, don't you think? And after, the secrets of longevity, perhaps even immortality, can be woven into your very thoughts using my brain secretion apparatus! Yes, YOU can know the cosmos in all its foetid, creeping horror. Such is the very nature of our Dark Order - an Order to which you will be bound by blood and spirit, should you choose to accept my offer. I need only have you sign a contract at midnight on the night of the Solstice and you will then know everything about anti-aging processes that I currently have stored, like empty lodestones, in the farthest reaches of my meta mind!

I will also throw in a gift basket containing the latest anti-wrinkle creams and skin luxuriants.


Nate Balding & the Dark Master's Will

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