Monday, December 15, 2008

Great Experience, Great Money

Greetings -

College Pro is a nationwide company that specializes in hiring college students or recent graduates to learn management skills in a small business setting. Though many of our managers are OSU or UofO students, we accept applicants from any university or college in the region.

We are currently interviewing for our management team for 2009. Within the supportive and innovative College Pro environment, our student managers gain skills in everything from putting together a marketing plan to effectively hiring and managing employees. The job is challenging, with great pay, gives students a ton of real-world leadership experience, and looks great on a resume.

If you’d like to get some more information about the position, please send me an email with your current phone number, location, and a good time to call, and either me or the local General Manager will give you a call.

Best Wishes,

Jason Thompson
General Manager
College Pro, US Ltd.
Oregon Division

together, realizing potentials


Greetings! Or should I say, 'great'ings?

This great money thing sounds just great. Great experiences are really what I'm looking for in life. Want a great life? Fill it with great experiences, my great grandmother used to say. Truly, great work leads to great times and great money really makes a great time even greater. You know what's great? Grapes. It almost rhymes. Great grapes are the greatest thing you can grate between great teeth. It's like a tongue twister! I just invented a tongue twister. Beat that college managers! I am so great.

Down to the matter at hand, though: Well, no, not yet! Great things to come; I have a greatsword; Greatness is the price of awesome; Great great great great great!

Okay, now that that's out of my system, what kinda duckets we talking here slim?

Nate Balding

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