Saturday, December 12, 2009

At Last, I Am Taken Srsly!

After my last post, I received a personalized message regarding the humor of my cover letter and asking that I not jump to conclusions about business practices while angry. And now you can read that response for yourself!


You found your man. If this job opening was for a writer, you would be hired. But its not. As an employee, you can either pick a full time position or a part time position not both at the same time (its one position available).
If you like to get more information about this company, please feel free to visit Also, our job is to HELP, not to cheat individuals. So before you begin to judge anyone, please put your anger aside and educate yourself.
My responsibility is to offer a position to any individual who is in need. So my friend, please do not waste your time reading craigslist ads, because you sound like you are too perfect for any job.

Your new friend Frankie


Thanks Frankie. And he's right. I AM too perfect for any job. But that will not deter me! My will is strong! I feel the surging tide of my ancestral blood within me; the scent of blood and battle snaking through my limbs! I will be stalwart in my search, and the truth which lies behind the reality of my overt awesomeness will result in the discovery of a perfect job that is just for me!


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Amy said...

Can I have one of those carved jade thingies? I want the "Spike" one please.