Monday, December 7, 2009

Golf Tournament Sponsorship Sales

Charitable Golf Events, Inc. is a Colorado based company that creates, hosts and manages destination golf events that are held in Hawaii and elsewhere. Each tournament is hosted by a local celebrity and offers participants the opportunity to support a local non-profit thru their sponsorship of these events. We are currently seeking an experienced outside salesperson to sell "Corporate Sponsorships" to these incredible events. Commission only position + an opportunity to attend multiple destination events each year. Candidates should offer the following skills:
* Experienced in Business to Business Sales
* Basic computer skills
* Home office with computer and telephone
* Be able to work independently
* Excellent phone skills
* Love of golf and travel is helpful
* Accustomed to a high income level thru sales (six figure +)

If you meet ALL of the above listed qualifications, please respond with resume to this email or via fax at: 303-973-7498.


Dear Sir or Madam:

What I find most abhorrent about what you're doing is the utter disregard for the Scottish roots of golf. You designate these weak courses, inconsistent with the highlands of my home country, and expect me to refer to these players as 'professional.' Professional pansies, perhaps! They're not even wearing kilts! My god man, what has the world come to when grown men refuse to kilt up for the golf course?! It's a travesty, at best, and a nightmarish apocalypse at second best.

But it doesn't have to be. Gentlemen and gentlelasses, an opportunity to fulfill a destiny has been thrust upon you. Hiring myself, and my two cousins Connor and Duncan MacLeod, both of the illustrious clan MacLeod and highlanders themselves, will allow you to become the spearhead that revolutionizes the sport and brings it back to its roots, where it belongs. We three are experienced in many things, the art of the sale only one among them. In developing a sponsorship pool that prides itself on heritage and a love of the Scottish sport we can turn the tide against mundane Saturday golf 'tournaments' and insitute a policy that leaves a true hero of the green to stand atop his fallen foes shouting to the lightning sky 'There can be only one!'

Consider: A duel between tied participants to the death, with the head being removed from the loser. It's just a suggestion.

My cousins and I are well travelled and enjoy the extravagance of a lifestyle with a high income. Connor is, in fact, a collector of rare items and Duncan has amassed quite a large number of great white shark skulls, all killed with a short blade while swimming off the coast of Florida and personally skinned, bleached and polished. Trust me, it's remarkable. Between us there isn't a problem in existence that can't be overcome, be it clearing the roadblocks of sponsorship to a new future, solving a string of local murders or battling a Kurgan to a final defeat at the end of The Game. Believe me when I say that yours is a destiny that desires fulfillment - golf has too long stagnated in mediocrity while its proud history sits behind a dark veil, wallowing, the Scottish heroes of golf yesteryore forgotten.

Let us resolve this. Let us enjoin a shared historical love and restore the game of golf to its true potential. And only then will we truly understand The Prize we've been given.



Nate Balding


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