Sunday, December 6, 2009

Front Office/Front Desk Assistant

5280 Gymnastics ( is a world class gymnastics facility in Wheat Ridge, CO offering gymnastics programs for girls and boys of every age and ability.

5280 Gymnastics is looking for a PART TIME Front Office/Front Desk Assistant. The ideal candidate is outgoing and enthusiastic, highly organized, reliable, and able to assist customers in a busy and fast paced environment.

Hours are
• Monday-Friday (2pm-6pm)
• Saturday (8:30am- 12 Noon)

Preferred Applicants
• Office administration experience
• Excellent organization and multi-tasking skills
• Exceptional attention to detail
• Well spoken, self-motivated and a “can do” attitude
• Strong customer service skills: ability to deal with customer concerns in a calm and effective manner
• Strong (intermediate to advanced) computer skills
1. MS Word
2. Excel
3. Outlook

Job Responsibilities Include
• Answering phone, returning phone calls in a timely manner
• Returning email inquiries in a timely manner
• Maintaining computer based class registration and scheduling software
• Filing and data entry
• Updating and monitoring accounts receivables
• Office organization and cleanliness
• Supply/product ordering

Send resumes and hourly requirements to:

Thank you to all candidates...while I am unable to respond to all submittals, I will be reaching out to candidates that fit the profile.



A little enthusiasm sure goes a long way, right? Right!

So I'm sure you're sitting there in your ergonomic chair, reading letter after letter from possible candidates, just wishing that you could find someone who's not only capable of performing this job to the fullest but also gets a big 'ol boner for gymnastics (figuratively, of course!). Well guess what, honey - you found him. I can't even see a pommel horse without the memories of my youth gushing forth; my days as a world class athlete with Olympic dreams and a 9.5 parallel bars routine that would have crushed the Russian competitor's dreams. If only...

As I was saying, I've worked in an office environment as a personal assistant for ten years, answering phones, building customer databases, filing and organizing; and I've been happy, you know? I've been happy. But there it is, always, in the back of my head. Once upon a teenaged aeon, when I was a gymnast, with ambition, and knew what happiness truly was. Sure, sure, filing taxes for a business and managing to pull a refund is a brilliant operation, of which I can be immensely proud, but nothing quite compares to the thrill of springboarding into an aerial somersault with a full rotation and sticking the landing, knowing that your body is a machine prepared to explode with pure physical efficiency, slamming through the percieved limits of human exertion itself. No, there's nothing quite like that on the planet.

Was it my fault? I know, the therapists will all tell you that it's not your fault. But I knew she was drunk. I let her drive anyway. God damn this chair, and God damn me for being so damn dumb!

Sorry, sorry, it gets to me, you know? Sure, sure you know. You're probably a former gymnast yourself, succumbed to age and weary limbs, no longer able to flutter through the air, flipping and twirling at your whim, amazed onlookers wishing - wishing! - they could do what you do. No, ours is a heaping platter of reality drenched in shit, isn't it. We sit on the sidelines now, cold comfort in our remembered fantasies of standing up, listening to my national anthem and wearing gold.

But instead we power through, don't we? We collate and staple through the day, roll back to our empty apartment and eat another pork and beans dinner and drink ourselves to sleep. Because that's what's important, right? Just making it through. Making it through the day.

You know what? Disregard this message. I've got a date with a bathtub and a toaster oven.


Nate Balding

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