Thursday, October 9, 2008

Balanced, Rewarding Sales Career Opportunity

AFLAC - We are expanding our operations in the Portland Metro Area – Downtown/East Side location.

Aflac is a Fortune 200 company that strives for balance; balance between careers and family, work and play, individual effort and teamwork, accountability and a sense of purpose, to create a rewarding professional experience.

We currently have openings for qualified individuals for the following positions:

• Account Managers
• Trainers
• District Managers

We are looking for people oriented, energetic candidates who have a desire to work hard and earn an above average income. Backgrounds in Insurance, Sales, Human Resources, Teaching, Customer Service, Management, and bilingual skills are a plus, but not required!

The Aflac opportunity offers:

• No nights or weekend work or travel required.
• Classroom education and field training in all areas.
• No-limit income and financial rewards.
• Top commissions, including advance and residual income (50% vested
after 2 years!)
• Company-paid stock bonus plan.
• Awards, recognition, and trips.
• Management opportunities.

If you are new to our field, we will provide you the training to put you on a FAST START to the top. If you are experienced, we will give you the support to insure you rise to the TOP!


Salutations friend!

What you offer is exactly what I seek! I've sought balance - true balance, mind you - for nearly my entire life. Following the deaths of both of my parents in a fiery car crash at the tender age of nine I was entrusted to an uncle whose work with Buddhism you might be familiar with: Steven Seagal ring any bells? He taught me to center myself, how to breathe, how to become the image of the Buddha beneath the tree and find the pathway to righteousness. He also taught me to break spines with several parts of my anatomy.

All that aside, I feel I would be a good candidate for any of your open positions, given my now natural ability to focus, lead, concentrate, focus, and lead. Without a doubt I am a candidate of extreme qualifications with plenty of experience. You need a hard worker? When I was under the tutelage of Uncle Steve I was worked like a dog or possibly horse day in and day out, training my muscles and mind to unlock the potentialities hidden within. You require energetic persons? How about someone whose gone ten rounds with a master of numerous martial arts as well as a high Buddhist priest? That takes stamina, energy and a will to succeed above all others. I am the iron fist of administrative abilities, fashioned to a sleek, hard-working, energetic sales associate. You did mention bilingual skills; something I actually don't have, unless you count the language of violence. I am very interested in no-limit income and financial rewards (Uncle Steven is remarkably stingy).

In conclusion, let me assure you that the balance I have discovered in my own life has led me to you, a company that prides itself on furthering, knowingly or not, the teachings of my greatest hero: The Buddha. I straddle the crevasse between rage and hope, trying to find a way through. And I think it might just be the Eightfold path of AFLAC.


Nate Balding

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