Friday, October 31, 2008

Office Assistant

Well respected company is looking for someone who likes to care for details and contribute to the company success. Duties will include organizing business functions, assisting customers, answering questions, taking phone calls and assisting with general office tasks.

Candidates must have 2+ yrs administrative experience and helping in a fast paced office environment. Candidates must be able to maintain excellent communication, be able to follow written and verbal instruction and have demonstrated ability to research, organize and manage information.

Action Employment, Inc. job postings are either actual positions we have available at the time of posting or are positions we expect to fill. If you are interested in being considered for this position and others that we have available please email us your resume at: Please include the posting ID with your resume.
Please also check out our other opportunities at:


Good day to you!

I'm writing this letter in regards to your open position for office assistant. I'm a professional, detail oriented Amanda you get back in your god damn room until it's cleaned I'd better be able to eat off your floor person who's spent seven years in an office environment. I've worked as a secretary at several major law firms in the what did I tell you, do you want me to get my belt? Then clean your god damned room! area. My skill set is fairly broad, spanning most general office activities up to and including some minor paralegal duties. I do have one issue, however, that you will want to take into that's it, you're getting the belt. No, no, I don't care if you're sorry! account; I'm unable to speak while typing without entering my speech into the text. It's known as Benson's can't hear you, Daddy's too busy sucking corporate cock in order to keep your sorry yap full of food Disorder. It's a mild form of autism and incurable, but with a proofreading assistant I can usually manage to get along just fine. Hope to hear back from you soon!


Nate stop your fucking crying I'll give you something to cry about Balding

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